Bobby Berk Reveals Why He Left ‘Queer Eye’

Bobby Berk Waves Farewell to Queer Eye

Bobby Berk, a beloved member of the Queer Eye crew, is saying a heartfelt goodbye after the eighth season. He’s been a design superhero in 71 episodes, making over lives and spaces with flair and compassion. As he steps away from the Fab Five, fans wonder, what’s next for Bobby?

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When Berk announced his departure, the Queer Eye world buzzed with support and curiosity. In his emotional goodbye note, Berk promised fans this wasn’t the end of the road. He even teased about popping up on the show again in the future.

Rumors? What Rumors?

Berk’s exit also sparked gossip, especially about a supposed clash with co-star Tan France. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the designer quickly cleared the air, assuring everyone that their relationship was solid and the rumors had nothing to do with his leaving.

Interestingly, Berk revealed that the whole Fab Five was on the fence about renewing their contracts for more seasons. When Netflix gave Queer Eye the green light again, Berk was the only one who decided not to come back.

Why Is Bobby Leaving?

So, why is Berk leaving the show? It boils down to contract issues. Berk said he did not expect the show to run for more than eight seasons and had already put work into other projects.

“All the plans that I had made when I thought we weren’t coming back, I just wasn’t willing to change those. I would have had to pump the brakes on multiple other projects that are already in process. We had mentally just prepared ourselves to move on — that’s why I left.”

With Berk not re-signing, Queer Eye is losing a key member, but his design magic and inspiring personal journey have left an indelible mark on the show and its fans.

Bobby Berk: More Than Just a Designer

Berk’s role in Queer Eye was more than just about fixing up rooms. He connected design with well-being and shared his personal journey, touching many hearts. As he moves on, he aims to keep making design accessible and exciting.

Berk’s future is bright with plans to continue his design journey and mentor up-and-coming talent. His fans can definitely expect more amazing projects from him!

Season eight of Queer Eye is now streaming on Netflix.

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Bobby Berk Reveals Why He Left ‘Queer Eye’
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