Inside Will Ferrel’s Documentary with Trans Bestie Harper Steele

Credit: Sundance Institute

Will Ferrel made a documentary about going on a road trip with his trans best friend, and we’re here for it.

Will & Harper premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah earlier this week and according to Variety, it received a standing ovation.

Ferrell and Steele’s Story

Imagine a road trip across the vibrant US landscape with none other than the hilarious Will Ferrell and his inspiring best friend, Harper Steele. Will & Harper isn’t just a documentary; it’s a heartfelt journey into the depths of friendship, change, and transgender advocacy.

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From Laughs to Life-Changing Moments

Will Ferrell, known for his comedic genius, and Harper Steele, once the mastermind writer behind Saturday Night Live, share a history peppered with laughter. But their story takes a touching turn as Harper transitions into her true self. Standing as a pillar of support, Ferrell embarks with Harper on her first transformative cross-country journey post-transition. This trip becomes the heart of Will & Harper, showcasing an unbreakable bond amidst life’s changes.

A Road Trip Like No Other

As they zigzag across the country, the film captures everything from candid conversations about Harper’s transition to their shared love for Pringles and Dunkin’ Donuts. These moments of joy and silliness, mixed with profound discussions, underline the documentary’s core message: the unwavering strength of friendship in the face of new chapters.

Rave Reviews and A Resonating Message

Critics and viewers are raving about Will & Harper, praising its balanced, empathetic portrayal of a trans woman’s daily life. It’s more than a film; it’s an eye-opener to the importance of allyship and understanding in the LGBTQ+ community. The film’s blend of raw emotion and carefully crafted scenes has made it a standout in LGBTQ+ cinema.

More Than a Film: A Movement for Change

Will & Harper goes beyond storytelling, diving into the importance of supportive relationships for transgender individuals and the challenges they face. It aims to shift perspectives, foster acceptance, and create a more inclusive world. This documentary isn’t just entertainment; it’s a catalyst for societal change.

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Inside Will Ferrel’s Documentary with Trans Bestie Harper Steele
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