Billy Eichner’s Gay Rom-Com Gets “R” Rating


Comedian Billy Eichner’s new rom-com Bros will reportedly be super sexual.

If you’re a single gay guy attempting to date during the era of apps like Grindr and Scruff, it should be no surprise that a queer rom-com would get an “R” rating.

After all, introductions on these “dating” apps usually come with unsolicited photos from headless torsos showing off their pocket rocket or purple starfish. Romance — it’s alive and well online.

Now, Billy Eichner’s new gay romantic comedy has received its official rating from the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the agency responsible for rating films based on specific criteria, including language, sexual content, and violence.


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For fans hoping to see a family-friendly film featuring two gay leads, you might want to try Hallmark because Bros is officially rated “R” for “strong sexual content.”

What a Rated “R” Bros Will Likely Look Like

While it’s unclear how the MPA classifies “strong sexual content,” we can assume it refers to the inference of sexual acts or explicit sexual language.

The MPA has a separate classification for nudity, which does not appear on the official rating paperwork. So it seems Eichner won’t be going full frontal. Maybe in the sequel.

Eichner tweeted the news along with a bunch of smiling devil emojis.

In addition to starring in the film, Eicher will receive credit for co-writing and executive producing his first feature-length project. Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Neighbors director Nicholas Stoller leads the project, with Judd Apatow serving as a producer alongside Eichner.

With those three in charge, Bros will not be your mother’s Julia Roberts rom-com, that’s for sure.

Eichner’s Bros will premiere in theaters on September 30.

Billy Eichner’s Gay Rom-Com Gets “R” Rating
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