Beefy Bodybuilder Runs on Treadmill Wearing Stilettos

This is a photo of a bodybuilder running in heels.

You probably haven’t heard of bodybuilder Dean Thomas, but if you’re looking for Monday motivation, he’s your guy. In a recent Facebook video, Thomas swapped his normal workout duds for a pair of his wife Katherine’s stilettos.

The 210-pound stud squeezed his beefy foot into his petite wife’s size 6 heels and hit the treadmill for a jog. “I’m a size 10 and she’s a four so I could only get three of my toes in really. She tied the laces around my ankles just to keep them in place.” He told the Mirror.

After popping his toes into the shoes and hopping on the belt, Katherine filmed the session, and then the couple posted it on Facebook. Of course, it went viral.

This is a photo of bodybuilder Dean Thomas.

Source: Facebook

The 33-year-old lifter’s video has attracted more nearly 11-million views, and instant viral fame. Thomas said, “It started out as a joke on Facebook after a friend tagged me in a post about men who wear women’s clothes. I was trying to think of ways to mess around and respond to them and Katherine got out a pair of her heels.”

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