Beefy Bodybuilder Runs on Treadmill Wearing Stilettos

This is a photo of a bodybuilder running in heels.

From his Facebook page, it looks like he’s been lifting weights for a very long time (he’s ripped AF), and his rump looks amazing at that incline and speed. But, we’re more impressed with this macho man’s security masculinity.

“I’m not exactly shy so I wasn’t bothered about doing it in the buff. We had to cut if off though just in case Katherine caught my tackle on camera … I’m always up for doing something a bit mad but I never expected it to get so many views.”

Breaking in my heels for stage ??Katherine Thomasmas

Posted by Dean Delta Thomas on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thomas added that he’s considering creating a follow-up video, which we cannot wait to see. “My mates have gone mad for it and I’m already planning a follow-up, but I’m not sure how I’ll top it to be honest.” He said. Hopefully, the next video will be from the front.

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