The Try Guys Bend Over for Prostate Exams

This is a photo of the Try Guys in a doctor's office.

While most men look forward to prostate massages, they tend to avoid prostate exams. Most healthcare professionals recommend men start getting prostate exams at the age of fifty, and that African American men should start as early as forty.

In the past, doctor’s carried out prostate exams the old fashion way with a latest glove, lube and their index finger. Today, they rely on the power of technology and the digital rectal exam, which is also known as a DRE. But, The Try Guys, Buzzfeed‘s hilarious video producers, went with a traditional exam to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

To celebrate Movember last November, the guys put on their hospital gowns, and took one for the team. Some of them, squirmed, while others winced, but no one launched their load. Watch the video below.

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