Avan Jogia Quietly Updates Their Pronouns Online


How “he” is Avan Jogia? According to a new video posted on their TikTok, not that “he” after all. Anyone who watched Victorious back in the early 2010s will remember Jogia from his role as Beck Oliver in the Nickelodeon series. Jogia also took to social media to update his pronouns to he/they.

One of Us

In their video Jogia used the viral audio “I’m a male, I’m a man, I’m a he. I don’t get into that mentally ill stuff.” Of course, Jogia was using the audio ironically. The caption for the video reads, “Not that he honestly and if I’m being real? I probably get into that mentally ill stuff…” Users responded to the video gleefully, saying “ONE OF US, ONE OF US.”

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@avan.jogiaNot that he honestly and if im being real? i probably get into that mentally ill stuff…♬ Lol – Poncy

What Does it Mean to Use He/They Pronouns?

Although the video is quite cryptic, it’s safe to say that Jogia has been examining their relationship with their gender. From this moment onward we will be referring to Jogia with a combination of he and they pronouns, and so should you. It’s important to note that this does not mean that Jogia is non-binary. That is up to them to share with the world. Although we can’t say that they have “come out,” we can celebrate this for what it is. A public figure continuing to normalize the use of they/them pronouns.

This is not Jogia’s first time giving the gays exactly what they want. The 30-year-old played Ulysses, a queer character on Starz’s Now Apocalypse. His relationship with Ford (played by Beau Mirchoff) was a treasure trove of thirsty scenes.

You may also recognize Jogia from films like Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Zombieland: Double Tap, and Shaft. Follow them on Instagram and TikTok to keep up with their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we go we’ll leave you with some frequently asked questions for those who need a quick reference point.

What Are Avan Jogia’s Pronouns?

Avan Jogia updated their pronouns online to he/they in December 2022.

Is Avan Jogia Non-Binary?

Although they have updated their pronouns to he/they, we can’t say that Avan Jogia is non-binary. You do not have to be non-binary to use they/them pronouns.

Is Avan Jogia Gay?

Avan Jogia has said he doesn’t feel comfortable labeling his sexuality. In 2013 the actor co-founded Straight But Not Narrow, a grassroots non-profit organization focused on improving straight folks’ attitudes toward LGBTQ+ folks. The actor has since starred as Ulysses, a queer character on Starz’s Now Apocalypse. Based on all of this information it is best to leave it relatively ambiguous, as it is ultimately up to Jogia to share.

Is Avan Jogia Single?

From what we can tell based on their social media presence, Avan Jogia is currently single.

Avan Jogia Quietly Updates Their Pronouns Online
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