Antigay Baptist Church Banishes Young Gay Parishioner

Antigay Baptist Church Banishes Young Gay Parishioner
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Thou shall not judge, unless you’re an antigay baptist church like Wood’s General Baptist Church body in Brookland, Arkansas, then by all means.

The church removed Dylan Settles, a 20-year-old gay man, name from the church membership role do to his “choice to embrace the homosexual lifestyle.” In a letter from the church board, they gave Settles an unholy ultimatum — go gay or with God.

He posted the letter to Facebook, which reads:

It has come to the attention, of the Church body, that you have made it known publicly, of your choice to embrace a homosexual lifestyle. While we understand the struggles we all face with sin, in our lives, we must also be aware of the consequences of our choices. As a Christian we must choose to serve and obey. We as the church board at Wood’s Chapel General Baptist Church, have with great sorrow, voted to remove your name immediately from the church membership role. It is the desire of your church family, you would turn from the sinful lifestyle you have chosen, repent of the sings you have committed, and return to full fellowship with God and the church body.

If you would like to meet with any or all of the church board, please contact your Pastor, or any of the board members, to appoint a time. We would very much like to council with you, and we will continue to pray for you and your family.

May God bless you and guide your path, in His love and righteousness.

Expressed in the love of Jesus Christ,
Wood’s Chapel General Baptist Church

We certainly hope Dylan embraces who he is; a proud gay Christian. If you’ve faced discrimination within your church, find an LGBT-friendly congregation near you.

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