Study Shows Most Gay Men Don’t Use Protection

Study Shows Most Gay Men Don't Use Protection
Photo: Enrique Lin

According to a new study by FS Magazine, most gay and bisexual men didn’t use protection the last time they made booty love. And, it’s not because they don’t know how to put on a rubber. More than 3,100 men participated in the survey, which asked a variety of health and relationship questions. Of those men, 72 percent said they didn’t use a condom during their last encounter. And, of the men who didn’t use protection, 37 percent bottomed and 72 percent topped.

Although PrEP can help prevent HIV infections, it’s also been connected with encouraging unsafe encounters. It’s important to remember PrEP decreases your change of infection, it doesn’t fully protect you from HIV or other STDs. says, “It does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections (STI) or pregnancy. It is not a cure for HIV.” Which is why you need to wear a condom to protect yourself.

The results of the study are alarming, but 50 percent of the men in the study who had unprotected same-sex sex did it with a long-term partner. Only engaging in unprotected anal sex said they did so with either a long-term boyfriend or their husband or civil partner. For more stats from the study, click here.

Photo by Enrique Lin of Cayden Ross for Randy Blue.

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