9 Nice-Guy Habits Preventing You From Finding Love

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5. Becoming a Disney cliché

Like many, Disney played a heavy part in my upbringing. I was totally Prince Eric, by the way. However, let’s leave the Disney clichés to Disney. By that I mean, stop acting like he’s Prince Charming.

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He’s a man, you’re a man, you have something special, that’s awesome. But, life isn’t a movie. That’s always how we get disappointed. Life is random, unexpected and full of ups and downs — embrace it together.

6. Trying desperately to make him happy

You can’t make everyone happy, EVER. You can bring joy to their lives, but at the end of the day we are in charge of our own happiness. By trying desperately to make him happy, what you’re really doing is trying desperately to make him stay with you. Ask yourself why you think he’s going to leave you? Get to the crux of the situation — I guarantee you it has to do with you, not him.

7. Forgiving too easily

Forgiving too easily rewards bad behavior. Over time, you will train him to think he can get away with anything. It lowers your value and a man needs to feel like he’s associated with someone of value and worth. As a result, you will make him feel more valuable. When you diminish your worth, he will lose interest fast.

8. Apologizing for your feelings

Your feelings are just as valid as his (never forget that). Stop saying, “I’m sorry” before everything you say. It makes you seem unconfident and unsure of who you are, which makes the man wonder what you have to offer him.

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Saying no to things and having your own opinion does NOT mean you’re an asshole. It means you have a brain and you’re your own person, which he’ll respect.

9. Caring more about him than yourself

I understand your need to save the world, but the first person you need to worry about saving is yourself. If you aren’t full of being, you will never be able to deliver love and kindness in a genuine way. It will be forced, fake, and little-by-little it will chip away your dignity. If you care about him, you need to care about yourself first. This ups your value, which will bring him to you.

David Artavia is an actor and writer from New York City. He loves living vicariously through his friends. Follow him on Twitter and Like his Facebook page

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