5 Qualities You Should Look for in a Boyfriend

Qualities you should look for in a boyfriend.

4. A strong value system

A man with a strong value system knows himself and holds his character to a high standard, but he also has courage to follow it up.

He can preach all he wants about the importance of family, friends, being a good person, giving back to the world, loving thy neighbor and loving thyself, but if he’s not practicing what he preaches he is yet another hypocrite.

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The legacy we leave is based on our character — not what we write on Facebook or whatever philosophy we’ve adopted by reading one too many self-help books. A man with great character is going to inspire you to achieve your best potential. He’s also going to see the bigger picture of your relationship rather than wasting time on petty things.

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A guy with strong values has spent time in his head figuring out who he is and what he stands for. This is the type of guy who will treat you the way you need to be treated and will always give as much as he receives. Don’t trust what he writes on Facebook; no matter how inspiring his self-help quotes can seem. Judge him by what he does in the real world, how he makes you (and others) feel.

5. Patience

It doesn’t matter if your friends have been in relationships for a decade. Everyone has their own path to follow.

There’s no telling when you’re going to meet Mr. Right, so stop thinking that being single is a bad thing. Instead, look at it as an opportunity. This is a time to reevaluate yourself while also figuring out what kind of relationship you’re looking for — not what kind of man.

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When you’re running on an invisible time clock, the only thing you’ll be focusing on is time lost. Get rid of it altogether and start focusing on building joy and affirmation. Stop being distracted by what you don’t have, and stop Googling images of hot gay couples eating breakfast — that must go, too.

You’ll find the right guy when you’re ready. Don’t worry about it — he’s out there! Don’t roll your eyes at me, don’t slam down your computer screaming at the ceiling. Believe me when I say he’s out there … stop worrying.

David Artavia is an actor and writer from New York City. He loves living vicariously through his friends. Follow him on Twitter and Like his Facebook page

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