5 Cultures That Embraced Homosexuality and Queerness

5 Cultures That Embraced Homosexuality and Queerness

Homosexuality has been documented for thousands of years in many different cultures and societies worldwide. Likely, homosexuality has always existed in some form, although how others perceive and act on it varies greatly.

In many ancient cultures, for example, homosexuality was accepted and even celebrated, while in other societies, it has been criminalized and punished. In recent years, there has been a greater acceptance of homosexuality in many parts of the world, although there are still places where it is not socially or legally accepted.

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Here are a few examples of ancient cultures that practiced homosexuality:

The ancient Greeks

Homosexuality was integral to ancient Greek culture, and everyone practiced it. The Greek philosopher Plato argued that love between men was the highest form of love because they based it on mutual respect and friendship rather than just physical attraction. The greeks also considered the passive partner in a homosexual relationship to be the “husband-loving” man.

The ancient Romans

Though homosexuality was present in ancient Rome, it was not as widely accepted as in Greece. In Rome, queer relationships were very common for men and were a way for them to bond and form strong friendships. However, it was also seen as a sign of decadence and was punishable. Some Romans considered it a violation of traditional Roman values of masculinity and military might.

The ancient Egyptians

Homosexuality was present in ancient Egypt, and there are references to it in their literature and art. It was generally seen as private and not publicly discussed or condemned. Many believe that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt had numerous homosexual relationships.

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The ancient Chinese

Similar to ancient Egypt, same-sex relationships were considered a private matter that was not particularly frowned upon in China. Researchers believe many Chinese emperors had male lovers, and there are references to homosexuality in Chinese literature and art.

The Native American Two-Spirit tradition:

Many Native American cultures had a tradition of recognizing individuals who were considered to be “two-spirited” or having both male and female spiritual qualities. These individuals were often respected and revered within their communities, and they saw them as notable figures with unique gifts or abilities. Some two-spirited individuals identified as homosexual, while others did not.

Homosexuality has existed in many ancient cultures throughout history and has been viewed and accepted in various ways. In some cultures, it was celebrated and even seen as a positive force, while in others, it was suppressed or punished.

5 Cultures That Embraced Homosexuality and Queerness
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