Moan Like a Porn Star With the Press of a Button

Guy with huge butt lays on beautiful bed.

While most of us enjoy watching porn from time to time (or all the time), we don’t always get to enjoy those porn star-worthy orgasms. Sure, it’s usually a lot of fancy camera work, a behind-the-scenes fluffer and a lot of baby oil, but still, it’s nice to think we could enjoy a mind-blowing climax worthy of the pleasure industry.

Well, while we can’t promise the baby oil (or the behind-the-scenes fluffer), those groan-inducing orgasms may be easier to get than you think. That’s where the Maverick Rotating Prostate Stimulator comes in … literally. This sleek little contraption is sure to get you begging for more, just like your favorite online stars.

Our friends over at AdamMale know their stuff! Use promo code GAYETY at checkout for 35 percent off one item and get free shipping the U.S. (Some exclusions apply.)

Not convinced? Here are the details:

Groovy Shaft, Baby

Grooved. Shaft. These two words alone are enough to get us hot and bothered. Even better? This guy rotates deep inside you, hitting your P-spot so hard, you might even be able to achieve those infamous hands-free orgams.

This Taint Your Average Toy

The ladies in our lives love their clitoris tickling toys for a reason. Us guys, however, go for the perineum stimulation. You know. The taint. And the Maverick vibrates at all the right speeds, right where it counts.

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Motors, Speeds, Patterns, Oh My!

The Maverick lives up to its name, and doesn’t do anything by the book. With dual motors that operate three speeds, four pulsing patterns and three rotation modes, your ten-minute sex time just got extended to endless hours of deep anal stimulation, all leading to one helluva finale.


Looks Good, Feels Good

Not only does the Maverick look sleek and sexy, it feels good, too. It’s hypoallergenic exterior is smooth to the touch, slides easily inside you, and is phthalate free and nonporous, making clean-up a breeze.

Size Queen

The Maverick may not be the biggest toy over at AdamMale (but they have plenty of big fellas!), it certainly will do the trick. With 5 insertable inches at 1.5 inches around, the Maverick makes up for length with all its other bells and whistles. Trust us, your boyfriend, husband or booty call won’t be able to do the things the Maverick does, no matter his size.

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Lube Tube

As with most sex play, lube is key. And luckily, the Maverick is completely compatible with water-based lubricants, making after-play clean-up easy — simple wash with mild, soapy water or sex toy cleaner. Boom. Ready for round two.

Charge Me Up

Batteries are so 2001. The Maverick uses USB charging technology to stay juiced and ready to make you squirm. Use the included charging cord with compatible outlet adaptors or, yep, even your computer. Because, well, we know you probably have it open during play anyway, right?

What do you think? Ready to give it a spin? Spin being the operative word here. Most prostate stimulators just buzz and vibrate against your P-spot. But the Maverick takes things to a whole new level with its unique gyrating action. You be leaking, moaning and groaning like a porn star in no time. Remember to use promo code GAYETY at checkout for 35 percent off one item and get free shipping the U.S. (Some exclusions apply.)

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