Squatty Potty Magical Unicorn Poops Rainbow Ice Cream

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Could this commercial be any more gay? There is literally a magical unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream and glitter. Guess we know who this ad-campaign was appealing to — it worked.

Apparently, this toilet tool helps relieve some pooping pressure caused by the puborectalis, a muscle that cuts off the colon. And, we thought we knew everything there was to know about butts, but (no pun intended) we were wrong.

Learn something new about poo and have a laugh; watch Squatty Potty’s new commercial below.

This Unicorn Changed the Way I PoopThis Unicorn Change the Way I Poop. #SquattyPotty #UnicornPoopOrder online: www.SquattyPotty.comYouTube version:

Posted by Squatty Potty on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


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