6 Shades of Nude: Which One Are You?

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What color is “nude,” anyway? And how does that account for the infinite shades of nudity around the world? It doesn’t, and that’s exactly what underwear designer Björn Borg is hoping to highlight in his new Skin Collection of “nude” underwear. The collection features six pairs of boxer shorts in various “nude” colors.

The Fitzpatrick skin scale is a numerical classification schema for human skin color.

Speaking about the collection, Björn Borg marketing director Jonas Lindberg Nyvang had this to say:

“Nude is not a color; it’s a concept that everybody should have the right to enjoy … We call it six shades of human and the reason to our launch on the UN Racial Discrimination Day is that the political climate in Europe has been very tough as of late and it is time to show color. This is our contribution to that debate.”

The forward-thinking undies are on sale now for $32.95. Will you be picking up a pair, and which “nude” is your nude?

H/T: OUT magazine


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