Blake Jenner’s Johnson Makes Cameo in ‘Billy Boy’

'Billy Boy' starring Blake Jenner
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Blake Jenner’s massive talent makes an appearance in Billy Boy.

You probably haven’t heard of the new film Billy Boy, but after this post, you may want to check it out. The film follows a young man named Billy (Blake Jenner, Glee), as he attempts to navigate through a swamp of desperation. When his friend is found dead, Billy’s world is forever changed. He tries to move on from his dark past and even falls in love with a beautiful girl named Jennifer (Melissa Benoit, Supergirl). However, Billy’s past catches up with him and feelings of resentment and despair put his future in jeopardy.

'Billy Boy' starring Blake Jenner

Reviews of the film have been leaning towards negative. We’ll be honest with you; Billy Boy is just ok. It has a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes and the comments on iTunes are rough. Variety reviewed the film a few days and they were less kind.

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Here’s an excerpt from Variety‘s honest review of Billy Boy:

“It’s understandable that they might’ve wanted to stretch creatively with a grittier, indie-r project like this Kickstarter-funded drama. But Billy Boy is the worst kind of grab for “indie cred”: It’s exasperatingly undercooked and arted-up, failing on basic levels of character definition and narrative coherence, too often feeling like a classic indulgence for pretty-boy actors playing tough.

'Billy Boy' starring Blake Jenner

The screenplay is full of similar gaping blanks where backstory and basic insight should be. Instead, we get a lot of technically adept but hollow camera and editorial trickery, notably an irritating over-use of scenes played backwards for no obvious reason beyond stylistic flash. There’s also much gratuitous display of toned young bodies, at odds with the film’s ersatz seriousness.

'Billy Boy' starring Blake Jenner

These actors are all talented. But with so little context, psychological depth or even timeline clarity for their characters, their histrionic explosions feel empty. The few times that a sustained exchange of dialogue occurs, it feels like acting-class improv. Billy Boy is one of those movies that might have played faster at a greater length, whereas with most of the usual connective tissue missing, its tedious 86-minute runtime lacks rhythm and momentum. Alternatively, its affected collage of edgy urban drama tropes might have impressed as a precocious calling-card short. But as is, this is a film whose theoretical good intentions feel as inorganic as its choppy storytelling.”

'Billy Boy' starring Blake Jenner

Despite the all-around shady reviews, Jenner wrote, produced and starred in the film, so you have to give him some credit for the effort. Plus, there’s a full-frontal shower scene that has some redeeming qualities. In the sequence, we see the silhouette of Jenner’s frustrated character in the shower throwing a bit of a tantrum.

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For some reason, he’s semi-hard and almost comically endowed, and every time he slams his fist into the walls, his peen bounces into view above his thigh. Although it’s titillating, it’s a strange moment in the film. Unintentionally, the film leaves you with two questions; why is he hard and why didn’t he get off in the shower?

If you’d like to watch Billy Boy, click here. If you just want to see Jenner’s semi-hard peen, click here

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