16 Sexy Illustrations of the Disney Princes

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If you enjoyed the illustrations of Disney Princes in real life, you’re going to love them as underwear models.

As you know, the Disney Princes are undeniably handsome and unquestionably charming. But, did you ever wonder what they look like without their normal clothes? Here’s your chance to find out.

Artist David Kawena drew the princes as they would appear if you, say, had a one night stand or something. From Hercules and Peter Pan to Tarzan and Price Eric, these boys put the “D” in Disney and it’s basically bulging right out of the screen.

If you take a close look at each of the Disney Princes in underwear, you’ll notice small details. For example, one of them has a piercing and another clearly doesn’t know how to shave his hair down there. If you’re a fan of Disney or just a fan of good looking men, take a look at these breathtaking and recreations of your favorite Disney Princes in underwear.

Disney Prince


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