Zac Efron and The Rock Hit the Beach for ‘Baywatch’

This is a photo of Zac Efron and The Rock.

Obviously, Zac Efron is busy guy (how could he not be? Those muscles are legit). When he’s not pumping iron, humping stuffed animals or showing off his handsome peen, the ex-Disney stud is on sets making movies.

Efron and The Rock star in the upcoming Baywatch reboot, and they’re both looking ridiculously buff. While we wish Efron sported a Speedo for this flick, his baggy board shorts and tight rash guard show off his bulging biceps perfectly.

The Rock posted a photo of the duo on his Instagram account with a cleve caption: “My character ‘Mitch Buchannon’ just gave @zacefron’s character ‘Matt Brody’ the all important beach speech about what it means to have manly ‘Alpha Balls’.”

With all the time Efron’s spending at the gym, we hope he has at least one Speedo scene. How else would we see his veiny … muscle.

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