‘Willow’ Actor Calls Out Disney for Removing Sapphic Series

Credit: LucasFilm (Screengrab)

Actor Warwick Davis recently expressed his frustration online over Disney Plus canceling and removing the Willow series from the platform.

After one season, Disney pulled the plug on Willow, a fantasy adventure series that is a sequel to the 1988 film of the same name. Much to our delight, the continuation had a beautiful sapphic romance at the helm between a princess (Ruby Cruz) and a knight (Erin Kellyman).

Adding insult to injury, Disney unceremoniously wiped all eight episodes from their streaming service. Davis, who played the sorcerer Willow in both the series and the original movie, recently spoke out against Disney’s decision in a post shared on X.

“I meet lovely people on a daily basis who are fans of #Willow, who are the reason the @DisneyPlus Series was made,” he wrote. “Please tell me @WaltDisneyCo, what do I say to these subscribers when they ask why they can’t watch the series any more?”

Unfortunately, this is not the first female-led queer show to be pulled from a streamer. It’s a fate many shows face these days. Remember First Kill, Atypical, and The L Word: Generation Q?

Willow Showrunner Held Onto Hope

At its cancellation, Willow showrunner Jonathan Kasdan held onto some hope for the series. He explained that they had already written and developed the show. The “cancellation” is more about releasing the cast from their contracts. In the world of streaming, this didn’t necessarily spell disaster, unlike traditional network TV.

However, Disney erased the show, which in turn erased its chances of gaining a bigger audience.

“Can’t believe it’s just simply not available to view.. like it never existed,” one user commented.

“I didn’t know you couldn’t watch the series anymore – but I’ll add my voice to the chorus saying the new #Willow was great – it was fun and exciting and I loved every minute!” another added.

#Embarassing is right. Here’s to hoping that major streamers will put a halt to this trend. The world is in need of more sapphic representation!

‘Willow’ Actor Calls Out Disney for Removing Sapphic Series
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