Why ‘Dicks: The Musical’ is the Chaotic Comedy We Craved

Sewer Boys, flying vaginas, Bowen Yang as a God, what more could you ask for?

The film Dicks: The Musical is based on the off-Broadway production F**cking Identical Twins by Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp. The creators returned to reprise their roles, elevating the production into an A24 film featuring award-winning actors Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally, alongside renowned rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

The outrageous musical comedy follows two heterosexual businessmen, Craig (Sharp) and Trevor (Jackson), who only care about making money and sleeping with women. That is until they discover they are identical twins who were separated at birth to be raised in a single-parent household. Desiring a “real” family, the men switch places and attempt to bring their divorced parents (Lane and Mullally) together.

In short, it’s a messed up version of The Parent Trap with way more F-bombs. And twin incest. And a gay God.

There’s No Such Thing as ‘Too Far’

Admittedly, the film does not stray away from the outrageous, a fact director Larry Charles (Borat) is very proud of. In an interview with Gayety, Charles said the team asked themselves every day if they had gone too far, “but we usually said, ‘no.'”

Charles also raved about working alongside Lane and Mullally, who have a hilarious duet together called “Gay Old Life,” starring the infamous Sewer Boys. “Nathan and Megan are two of the great treasuries of the American theater, so I felt very lucky.”

In conversation with Jackson and Sharp, their delight at gracing a Hollywood red carpet during the strikes, and their excitement in bringing this musical to a global audience, was palpable.

“We hope [audiences] say it’s the funniest movie they’ve ever seen and they take all their friends and come back,” Jackson said. “I hope they’re like, ‘I ain’t never seen something like that in the theaters!’ And then they rally all their friends and go back and see it again. It is a movie for you to go with a big crowd and sort of scream out.”

Dicks: The Musical is in theaters now. Watch our interviews with Sharp, Jackson, Charles, and Yang below.

Why ‘Dicks: The Musical’ is the Chaotic Comedy We Craved
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