WATCH: Nathan Lane Sing About His ‘Gay Old Life’ and Finding Sewer Monsters


Dicks: The Musical is one you have to see to believe.

In a new lyric video from A24, Tony and Emmy-Award-winning actor Nathan Lane is seen hilariously singing about his “gay old life.” He also tells the story about how he adopted blood-thirsty sewer monsters after spotting them bathing in a swine.

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What is Dicks: The Musical About?

Dicks: The Musical is based on the off-Broadway production F**cking Identical Twins by Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp. The outrageous musical comedy follows two heterosexual businessmen, Craig (Sharp) and Trevor (Jackson), who only care about making money and sleeping with women. That is until they discover they are identical twins who were separated at birth to be raised in a single-parent household. Desiring a “real” family, the men switch places and attempt to bring their divorced parents (Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally) together.

The song “Gay Old Life” occurs right after Harris (Lane) comes out as gay to his son. “Queer as a three dollar bill and just as thin,” Lane says in the clip. He also sings about meeting his Sewer Boys, which are revealed to be two terrifying little creatures held in a cage behind a curtain.

“I’m sorry did you say Sewer Boys?” Yes. Yes we did.

The film is directed by Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Borat) and also stars Bowen Yang, Megan Thee Stallion and Nick Offerman.

“With its impressively crafted score and star-studded original songs – including the boastful Megan Thee Stallion track and a sing-along pronouncing God as gay – the soundtrack is the connector between the film’s absurdist humor and poignant messaging,” reads a press release.

Simply put: you will not hear a more queer, more riotous, more expertly-crafted album than this soundtrack in 2023.”

At the end of the track, Lane is also joined by Mullally for a chaotic duet. Watch the full song, “Gay Old Life,” below.

Dicks: The Musical will be released in select theaters on October 6 and nationwide on October 20. 

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WATCH: Nathan Lane Sing About His ‘Gay Old Life’ and Finding Sewer Monsters
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