Watch Disney’s Gaston Slay This Dance Number

This is a photo of Gaston dancing in a Disney theme park.

I’ve seen some fierce Disney in my life, trust, but this one takes the cake. Gaston brought his A-game last week, topping such villains as Cruella de Vil and Judge Claude Frollo no less. His muscles bulged, his face yearned with passion and his kicks were straight as the night (the only straight thing about him, I wonder).

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Whether you love him or hate, Gaston danced his heart away. If RuPaul saw this, I’m sure he’d give the stamp of approval. Live your life, Gaston! We all know you’re the hottest jock in the whole Disney clan. Sorry, Prince Eric, you know you’ll always be my dream husband, but Gaston went IN with these skills. He showed up to work.

Check this out!

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