This is an illustration of a male tomb raider, if Lara Croft was a guy.

Turns Out, Lara Croft Is Hot as a Guy Too

Raffael Mueller

Angelina Jolie and now Alicia Vikander have donned the short shorts and dual holsters of the world’s most buxom archeologist. But what if Lady Lara Croft wasn’t a lady after all?

This is the very question artist Ulysses0302 asked — and then answered with a series of incredible renderings.

Meet Nathan Thomas.

While Lara certainly knows how to fill out a teal tank, Nathan (can we call him Nate?) knows how to rock some short shorts like no one’s business. Not to mention that adorable little backpack — he doesn’t even bother with a shirt, and we’re glad he doesn’t!

We’d let him raid our tomb any day.

H/T: NewNowNext

Turns Out, Lara Croft Is Hot as a Guy Too
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