Turns Out, Lara Croft Is Even Hotter as a Guy

This is an illustration of a male tomb raider, if Lara Croft was a guy.
Raffael Mueller

Angelina Jolie and now Alicia Vikander have donned the short shorts and dual holsters of the world’s most buxom archeologist. But what if Lady Lara Croft wasn’t a lady after all?

This is the very question artist Ulysses0302 asked — and then answered with a series of incredible renderings.

Meet Nathan Thomas.

While Lara certainly knows how to fill out a teal tank, Nathan (can we call him Nate?) knows how to rock some booty shorts like no one’s business. Ass. For. Days. Not to mention that adorable little backpack — he doesn’t even bother with a shirt, and we’re glad he doesn’t!

Also, with a bulge like that, we’d let him raid our tomb any day.

H/T: NewNowNext

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