Watch Comedian Michael Henry Take on 'Pretty Privilege'

Watch Comedian Michael Henry Take on ‘Pretty Privilege’


Comedian Michael Henry released a new YouTube video challenging the concept of “pretty privilege.” Although the entire idea is eye-roll-worthy, Henry’s reactions are hysterical.

In the video, Henry visits with a friend who happens to be young, good-looking and fit AF. Henry’s hot friend starts complaining about “pretty privilege,” the condition “when you have a great face, a full head of hair, sexy eyebrows, tight ass, quarter-sized nipples, 8-inch [tool]. They’re the traits that gay men unanimously like.”

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Henry states that he’s not certain he likes all of those traits, and the friend continues. He goes on to talk about how easy it is for him to get jobs, make money and land dates. Meanwhile, Henry sips his tea and judges hard.

Watch the video below!

Watch Comedian Michael Henry Take on ‘Pretty Privilege’
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