VICE Explores What It’s Like to Be LGBT and Mormon

VICE News Tonight on HBO explores what it's like to be LGBT and Mormon
VICE News Tonight on HBO

“Harboring a secret like that is so toxic, and it just eats away at your soul”

A division is riling America’s right-wing Christian denominations: generations cannot agree on same-sex marriage. The conflict is particularly apparent in the Mormon church. Although the church has relaxed its rhetoric attacking same-sex marriage since its support for California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage, a majority of Mormons still protest same-sex marriage.

However, according to a Public Religion Research Institute poll last year, younger Mormons are more amenable to the concept of same-sex marriage. And some youthful Mormons and their families are choosing to leave the church over the issue.

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VICE News Tonight on HBO correspondent Nigel Duara explores what it’s like to be gay and Mormon, meeting the families and individuals affected by the church’s stance on LGBT issues and those who are forging paths away from the Mormon faith.

Watch the full episode below.

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