Chiropractor Helps Hot Guys Stretch

This Chiropractor Loves Helping Hot Guys Stretch


The guys at CaliSpine in Carlsbad, California, became Internet sensations after several videos of their how-to videos went viral. The videos feature a gorgeous model and an equally sexy trainer teaching each other how to breathe, stretch, and flex their core — and it’s a beautiful thing.

They’ve posted a lot of videos, and they’re all quite popular. One video showed a stretch called the “Bretzel,” while another favorite featured a “Partner Stretch” in which the trainer homoerotically helps his friend stretch his lower back. Their most popular video is called the “CaliSpine” stretch, a move that stretches the lower back just above your ass.

But regardless if they know how sexual they look, we have to give them credit. They’re doing it all in the name of health and fitness. Nonetheless, these dudes know how to spot each other. If only one of them can spot me — at the gym I mean, duh. Just look at these guys:

Show us how to breathe with our core? Yes Please.

Tell us everything we’re doing wrong with our knees. Yaaas, daddy.

Coach us on what to do with a lacrosse ball — make it stop (don’t make it stop)

And finally, school us on how to broaden our shoulders. Who cares, keep flexing.

This Chiropractor Loves Helping Hot Guys Stretch
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