The Westboro Baptist Church Has a Fabulous New Neighbor

The Westboro Baptist Church rainbow houses

Oh, man. We bet the Westboro Baptist Church isn’t thrilled with their new neighbor’s paint job. Have you heard of the equality house? No? Well, it’s a rainbow-colored home that sits on the same street as an LGBT hate group, better known by their official name “The Westboro Baptist Church.”

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The hate group routinely rallies at LGBT events to “inform,” individuals about their mortal sins and depravity — doesn’t that sound like a fun Friday night? Well, recently Planting Peace, a non-profit, proudly purchased and painted another home to “peacefully protest their message of hate with an expression of love, compassion, and support.”

So what colors did they decide on this time? How could they continue to challenge the congregations hatred for the queer community? Well, wait until you see the color scheme on this street …

Blue, pink and white, the colors of the transgender flag now fill the siding of this Topeka, Kansas house. The only way to encourage acceptance is to increase the exposure of intolerance — only by confronting the bigotry will we be able to make social progress as people of the LGBT community.

As we have witnessed recently with the rhetoric regarding anti-trans laws, we still have a long way to go. Aaron Jackson, President of Planting Peace, provided this message regarding the newest equality house.

“Beyond the individual incidents of violence, bullying, and hateful messages that the transgender community faces already, we’ve seen a rise in discriminating legislation designed to restrict the basic, fundamental rights and human dignity of our transgender family. As allies of the LGBT community, we hear the stories from countless transgender people who express the devastating impact this has on them, making them feel broken or ‘less than.’ Repeated messages of hate and intolerance are contributing to shockingly high suicide rates within the transgender community. We have to stand up and be just as loud with messages of love, support, and compassion. We need to fight for the right for ALL people to live freely and love freely without fear. We are painting the house today as a permanent reminder of our message to our transgender family: You are loved, valued, supported and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with you, and we will stand with you.”

Thank you, Planting Peace, for continually coming out in support of your LGBT brothers and sisters. With allies like you, we will undoubtedly win the battle for our rights and equality.

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