The Try Guys Recreate the Ancient Olympics Naked

The Try Guys Recreate the Ancient Olympics Naked


BuzzFeed‘s The Try Guys have done some crazy things (like volunteering to undergo prostate exams), but their latest video is extra fabulous. In celebration of the Olympics, the guys stripped down and lubed up to wrestle the old fashioned way — oily and naked.

Although the video is long (approximately 19 minutes), it’s incredibly entertaining and educational. The Try Guys explain that “the Ancient Olympic Games were a religious festival,” and that the “participants were worshipping while achieving glory.”

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An expert in Ancient Olympics provided extra insight into the history of the games. According to the video, “the games ended in the late 4th century A.D. under Christianity,” and “were later reinvented as the modern Olympics in the 19th century.”

While ancient history is fascinating, we were pretty distracted by the olive oil rub down. Seriously, we’d happily lube up Eugene Lee Yang‘s cheeks any day of the week. In addition to wrestling, the guys also test their running skills in a race. You can watch the hilarious video below!

The Try Guys Recreate the Ancient Olympics Naked
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