Ted Cruz Asked if He Would Perform a Sex Act on a Man

Ted Cruz Asked if He Would Perform a Sex Act on a Man


A Yale student posed the question.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently visited Yale to record an episode of his podcast, The Verdict. As you can expect, together with co-host and political commentator Michael Knowles, the podcast cover political issues and conservative hot takes. In this particular episode, fellow conservative podcaster Liz Wheeler joined the hosts. Little did they know the topic would soon turn to a certain sex act and global hunger.

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The stage was set. Another lively conversation belittling people a lot like us, but this particular evening was special. The podcast turned to questions from the audience when one student, named Evan, asked an interesting question. “Assuming it would end global hunger, would you fellate another man?” For many of you, there is a very obvious answer to this admittedly leading question. Not so for these very straight, very masculine manly men.

Flagrantly Immoral Sex Act

Unsurprisingly the audience laughed in shock at the question, which Cruz declined to answer. Cruz passed the question along to his co-host for an answer. Knowles initially dodged the question by criticizing the validity of the question entirely. “Like a typical left-wing undergraduate, you are engaging in consequentialist ethics,” said Knowles. “You are attempting to justify flagrantly immoral behavior to achieve a good end. And I tell you, my friend, the ends do not justify the means. Absolutely, absolutely not.”

There’s a lot to unpack here. Of course, the question was most likely attempting to simply get a rise out of the hosts. However, there is a nugget of simple truth that the question prompted from Knowles. Of course, the premise is silly, and fellating a man would never end world hunger, but Knowles wasted no time in admitting his homophobia. Men performing consensual sex acts on other men is not “flagrantly immoral,” whether it ends world hunger or not. Anyone who suggests so is flagrantly homophobic.

Ted Cruz: Typical Left-Wing Undergraduate

Cruz himself then posed a similar question to the student — despite Cruz being the furthest thing from a “typical left-wing undergraduate”. Cruz asked, “If it would solve world hunger, would you vote for Donald Trump?” The audience laughed, but Evan’s answer doesn’t appear to have been captured.

You can watch the exchange at the 1:37:47 mark below.

Ted Cruz Asked if He Would Perform a Sex Act on a Man
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