Steve Grand Says Negativity Is a Major Turn Off

This is a photo of Steve Grand kissing a man.

This week, we learned new things about openly gay country music sensation Steve Grand. Apparently, he’s active on multiple dating apps (time for a profile tune up), and he finds negativity to be a major turnoff. In his words, negativity is one of the “things that make the blood flow … away from [his] wang.”

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According to Grand, the video, which is entitled “Boner Kills – Vol. 1”, is part of an ongoing YouTube series in which he’ll reveal the things that make his noodle limp. TBH, it’s a pretty basic video but his message is totally valid: Negativity kills boners.

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Whether or not you like Grand, the man makes a good point: No matter how hot you are (or think you are), a sour attitude will get you nowhere and you definitely won’t find the king of shirtless selfies in your bed anytime soon. Watch the video below!

H/T: NewNowNext

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