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‘World’s Sexiest Math Teacher’ Explains Engineering in Underwear

Pietro Boselli the World’s Sexiest Math Teacher explains engineering in his underwear.
Photo: YouTube

Pietro Boselli is arguably the most beautiful math teacher on the planet. But, he’s also a very successful male model and brilliant scholar. Boselli was born in Negrar, Italy, and was discovered at age six by a scout. After his career as a model for Armani Junior, Boselli decided to finish his education. He graduated with from University College London with several degrees.

“I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and then my PhD was, more specifically, Computational Fluid Dynamics. What I do is design turbines for power plants. It’s very computational and very mathematical.” Boselli said when asked about his love for mathematics.

Obviously, Boselli is brilliant, but he’s more famous for his bulging muscles, gorgeous skin and Herculean features. If you’ve seen Boselli model underwear, you know what we’re talking about. In an effort to embrace (or combat) being objectified, Boselli decided to use his brain and body to teach you about Computational Fluid Dynamics. Watch the video below and share if you think Pietro Boselli is the “world’s sexiest math teacher.”

H/T: Towleroad

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