Only Fans Star Josh Seiter Talks Coming Out and Getting Married – “Life is short. Anything can happen”

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Earlier this month, season eleven Bachelorette contestant Josh Seiter came out as bisexual. In an exclusive interview with Gayety, Seiter is opening up about his decision, his partner, and his recent marriage.

That’s right! Josh Seiter is officially off the market.

The Only Fans star came out as bisexual earlier this month in an interview with Insider. “I always knew as an early teen I was different sexually, I just don’t think I had the vocabulary to articulate what that difference was.”

Seiter also spoke about his conservative upbringing and how it stopped him from realizing his sexuality sooner. His parents were born-again Christians who homeschooled him and his two older brothers.

“My life, I feel like has been a journey of self-actualization, self-realization, self-discovery, of just finding out who I am, which I feel like lots of people know that early on. For me, I didn’t know who I was until basically recently. I’m 35 years old. And I think that’s because I was conditioned so long by my conservative family and all the schooling I went through as a kid, and what I would say is brainwashing. So my journey’s been one of just enlightenment and realizing who I am and not who people want me to be.”


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Dancing and Reality TV

Seiter graduated law school at 23-years-old. But during his last year of college, he picked up exotic dancing to help pay the bills. His sister then nominated him for the Bachelorette, claiming a lawyer who strips would be the perfect contestant. He was not sold on the idea, but decided to go along with it for his friends and family’s sake. “I just thought, this will be good for me, maybe I’ll find a spouse on here, I don’t know, I highly doubt it. And as it turned out, I obviously didn’t, but it put me in the headlines, I guess. And so for that, I’m grateful.”

Finding the One

In 2017, he switched from dancing to Only Fans, and continues to share content there with his subscribers. “Luckily, I’m blessed, I’ve been in the top one to 10% of OnlyFans for the last five years, it’s been great to me.” However, he could not stay away from the dance scene forever. Especially when a perfect opportunity to get back into it came knocking on his door. And it was for charity!

“An old promoter reached out to me, he said, ‘hey, Josh, would you like to headline this male revue that we have? We’re touring the country, it’s for charity, and we’re going to help animal shelters and abused animals.’ And I was like, ‘hey, this is great.’ It was here, working with America’s Lover Boys, that Seiter met David.

“He’s our resident cowboy,” he gushed. “I’m the resident police officer, we all have our assigned acts and roles and stuff, and so that’s how that came about.”


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Surprise! Seiter Got Married!

During a surprise trip home to Illinois to visit Seiter’s mother, David popped the big question. “She used to have her grandkids there, all of her sons, her parents and her husband there, and then her husband died, my father, her parents died, my grandparents, and then all of her sons, including me, moved away. So she’s gone from having this network of family to being alone.” Not only was his mother able to share in her son’s joy on the special day, she also got to give the couple her blessing.

“I think that says a lot that she went from homeschooling me and my brothers in the nineties and being a born again Christian with all these conservative values to being present for me getting engaged to someone of the same sex and actually genuinely being happy for me. So that was reassuring.”

Life is Short

Not only did the couple get engaged, they also got married! Seiter said the two went to a local church on June 13 and tied the knot.

“I feel like some of it’s impulsivity. We were drinking, but we love each other. Life is short. Anything can happen. Again, I hate to beat the dead horse, but when my dad died, he literally was only 66 years old and he died two days before his 67 birthday. He was healthy, he was doing what all Republican men do. He had went to the gun range, shot his guns, he went swimming. He was writing a letter to the editor and he went and mowed the lawn and he was in the prime of his life, retirement, and he just died in his sleep. And so that’s had a profound impact on me. I feel like life’s short and we both felt like doing it and so we did it.

“And could I live to regret certain decisions that I make? Maybe. Am I thinking about that or overly focused on that? No, I’m not. So it just felt right so we did it and that’s kind of how I’ve, the motif and the theme of how I’ve lived my life is just do what feels right.”

What’s Next For Josh

Seiter will tour with America’s Lover Boys this summer. The event “benefits the animal shelters and the towns in which we perform. All the shows double as a food drive for the local shelters.” Attendees bring canned food donations to the show, and some of the proceeds go directly to the shelters.

For more information and tickets, click here.


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Watch the full interview with Josh below.

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Only Fans Star Josh Seiter Talks Coming Out and Getting Married – “Life is short. Anything can happen”
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