Noah Schnapp Is Obsessed with Garrett Hedlund in 'The Tutor' Thriller

Noah Schnapp Is Obsessed with Garrett Hedlund in ‘The Tutor’ Thriller

Noah Schnapp is acting strange in the trailer for Jordan Ross’ new thriller, The Tutor.

Ethan (Garrett Hedlund) is an in-demand tutor hired by a billionaire to teach his son Jackson (Noah Schnapp) at their beautiful New York waterfront estate. He is paid $2,500 A DAY for his tutoring lessons, which will be helpful since he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby boy. The gig sounds too good to be true. Which means it probably is.

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Ethan soon realizes Jackson is more than just a moody teen who wears a lot of turtle necks. He is obsessed with his life and will do whatever it takes to uncover Ethan’s darkest secrets and reveal them to the world.

“They’re just kids, Ethan. They can’t help if they come from money, even if they’re a little messed up,” his wife (played by Victoria Justice) says in the trailer.

Well, what if he knows more about you than anyone and is beating himself up and framing you for it? Are they still just a kid?


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Who is Noah Schnapp

Schnapp plays Will Byers in the popular Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things. Fans went crazy when his character finally came out as gay in the show, but the actor nearly broke TikTok with his own coming-out video shared on the app. The post has over 84 million views and almost 14 million likes at the time of this writing. We love Noah Schnapp.

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Though acting in suspenseful thrillers is not unusual for Schnapp, it seems he will be playing the true monster in the upcoming R-rated film.

Written by Ryan King and directed by Jordan Ross, The Tutor will premiere in theaters on Mar. 24.

Watch the trailer below.

Noah Schnapp Is Obsessed with Garrett Hedlund in ‘The Tutor’ Thriller
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