Moms Reveal the Moment They Knew Their Sons Were Gay

Gay sons and their moms

In this heartwarming video, moms open up to their gay sons about when they first “knew”.

For many gay men, the bond they share with their mother is unique and truly special. In a new video, Los Angeles based psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey assembled a group of his gay friends and their moms to talk about growing up gay.

“Gay guys and their moms often have a special bond and a uniquely close relationship,” Dempsey reveals. “Our moms gave us license to set down the pretense of how a ‘real boy’ was supposed to be and allowed us to just be ourselves.”

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In the moving video, the moms talk candidly with their sons about when they first realized their boys were gay. The moms also touch on rewarding moments and their fears for their sons growing up gay.

Dempsey continues: “In this video, my friends and I sit down with our mothers, whom we all flew in for a special weekend celebrating the fierce love they’ve shown us, to ask them what it was like raising gay sons and how they think things turned out.”

Watch the video below.

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