Married Mennonite Minister Comes Out as Gay

Gay pastor stays married to wife

This man of God isn’t going to let a little thing like being gay get in the way of his heterosexual marriage.

Pieter Niemeyer recently revealed to his wife of 20 years that he was gay, and in an interesting turn of events, everything is working out for the couple.

Prior to revealing his sexual orientation to his wife, Neimeyer says “In my gut I knew she would be an ally,” and he was right. After coming out, Sue, his wife, continues to provide her support.

Neimeyer says, “It’s not neat and clean and tidy,” but for this couple they continue to work on their relationship. The pastor poignantly provided another statement regarding his revelation and how it affects his relationship.

“It is what it is, everyone navigates their sexual attraction.”

What do they say? Happy wife, happy life? We guess it’s true for gay guys, too.

H/T: Queerty


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