Man Arrested for Putting Acid in Lube Dispenser at Gay Club

Young man pumping soap into hand

Sydney police arrested a 62-year-old man after he replaced the lubricant with hydrochloric acid at Arrows club. The club is a local organization that describes itself as “three levels of adult adventure.”

Hydrochloric acid causes severe burns, ulcers, and blisters after coming into contact with skin. It’s even been known to permanently blind people immediately upon contact with eyes — basically, it melts the eyeball.

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Thankfully, the club had fitted the dispenser with an alarm, due to previous attempts of tampering, so no one was hurt. Security detained the man until police arrived and was then arrested on suspicion of administering a poison with intent to injure or cause distress or pain.

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He was charged and released on conditional bail but has a court hearing on September 20. The motive for the attack is unclear. One club attendee told ABC News that it was a sick thing to do, adding that his motive “could be anything really. People are perverted … hydrochloric acid is not the best sort of thing to be playing with.”

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