Lady Gaga Spotted Kissing a Woman on Set of ‘Joker’ Sequel

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In a new video taken on the set of the Joker film, Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn is aggressively kissing a woman.

Earlier this month, we got our first taste of Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn in Warner Bros.’ highly-anticipated Joker sequel: Folie à Deux. Much to our delight, more behind-the-scenes footage has been leaked this week, including a video of Gaga kissing a woman.

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Let’s set the scene. In the clip, Gaga is being escorted by police to New York’s City Hall where a crowd of Joker protesters and supporters meets her. One bystander is waving around a newspaper titled “Crazy in Love,” which shows Harleen Quinzel’s mugshot from the Arkham State Hospital. Next to her smiling photo is a photo of the Joker and a subheading that urges the readers to learn more about the dangerous new couple on page two. Where can I get a copy?

The woman waves the paper and tells Quinn that she is “going to hell.” Gaga then marches right up to her and plants a big smooch on her unsuspecting lips. “Now we’re both going to hell,” she says before walking up the stairs. This movie is going to destroy us all.

Harley Quinn’s Sexuality

Harley Quinn is canonically bisexual. After her love affair with The Joker, she meets a new partner in life, Poison Ivy. You can see the two women in love in the Harley Quinn animated series on HBO Max. However, this kiss does not confirm that the Joker sequel will touch on Quinn’s sexuality (but we can hope).

And the news does not end there. Fans also snagged photos of the actress’ first costume as Harley Quinn, and we are obsessed. Gaga is sporting Quinn’s signature colors – black, white, and red – and has a checkered corset and checker tights. Take a look below.

Though the studio has not released an official plot description yet, we know the french term, folie à deux, translates to madness for two. Really, that’s all anyone can expect from this film. Madness. The “Born This Way” singer will star alongside Joaquin Phoenix in the Todd Phillips-directed musical coming to theaters next year.

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Lady Gaga Spotted Kissing a Woman on Set of ‘Joker’ Sequel
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