Justin Beiber Sports See-Through Undies While Wakeboarding

He really does do everything in his Calvins. Bad boy, Justin Beiber, is showing off … again. This time, the 22-year-old former singer, current stripper, can be seen wakeboarding while wearing nothing but his white Calvin Klein boxer-briefs. What a tease!

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We know what you’re wondering, “Has Justin fallen on hard times? Can he not afford a swimsuit? How can we help,” but fear not, Beiber was seen sporting two different shorts before entering the wet-tighty-whities contest — the first, an ugly orange knee-length number by Nike, and the second, a green lower thigh option with an elastic waist which matched his life-jacket. This is hard-hitting reporting, people. You’re welcome.

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It seems J.B. has learned his lesson after he was snapped without a swimsuit or underwear in Bora Bora. Good for him, too bad for us. We just have to wonder, will he ever give us a glimpse of his willy again? Justin always says “Never Say Never.”


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