Christopher Meloni Tells Gay ‘Oz’ Fan to Fantasize About Him

Christopher Meloni in 'Oz'.

Before Christopher strapped on a badge to play NYPD Detective Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU, he was locked up on the HBO drama series Oz. Meloni played a convicted murderer named Christopher Keller (aka Prisoner #98K514) who was serving 88 years at Oswald State Correctional Facility.


If you haven’t seen Oz, it’s an intense and sensuous show with many same-sex scenes throughout its six seasons. Brazilian teen Ariano Médio binge-watched the entire show, and when he realized Meloni’s character dies, he took to Twitter to express his sadness.

And, of course, Meloni responded and made Oz fans in the twittersphere super jealous.

Oz fans know the shower scenes were incredibly steamy, and on more than one occasion, Meloni was an serious power top. If you haven’t seen them, click here to watch a teaser.

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