Here’s a Sneak Peek of Hulu’s Queer Rom Com “Crush”

Hulu is giving us the lesbian love story we’ve been waiting for.

Teen romantic comedy Crush won’t premiere until April 29 but to hold us over, Hulu released these adorably queer snapshots from the film.

It’s the classic trope. The girl crushes hard but her world flies off its axis when she falls for the person she least expected. Except in this story, all of the leads are girls.

(Photo by: Hulu)

“When an aspiring young artist is forced to join her high school track team, she uses it as an opportunity to pursue the girl she’s been harboring a long-time crush on. But she soon finds herself falling for an unexpected teammate and discovers what real love feels like.”

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Meet Crush‘s Queer Cast

Not only is the film a “queer celebration’ rather than a coming-out story, but the main couple will be played by two LGBTQ+ actors. Snowpiercer‘s Rowan Blanchard is an artist named Paige and Moana‘s Auli’i Cravalho is an elusive track star named AJ.

Isabella Ferreira, Tyler Alvarez, Teala Dunn, Rico Paris, Aasif Mandvi, Michelle Buteau and Megan Mullally join the the actors.

(Photo by: Hulu)

Cravalho came out as bisexual in 2020 and Blanchard has said she identifies as queer. Though the adolescent love story is sure to give us butterflies, there may have been tension behind the scenes.

A now-deleted TikTok posted by Cravalho accused her costar Blanchard of biphobia. The actor did not confirm or deny these comments but she addressed biphobic accusations on Twitter in 2019.

“I’m queer as f**k! My boyfriend’s a trans man and honestly, none of [you] guys know s**t about my private life!”

Watch Crush on Hulu

Crush, directed by Sammi Cohen and written by Kirsten King and Casey Rackham, will arrive on Hulu on April 29.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Hulu’s Queer Rom Com “Crush”
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