Gay Kickball Players Answer Classic Question: Boxers or Briefs?

Gay kickball players answer classic question: boxers or briefs?
The Underwear Expert

In the last year, The Underwear Expert team evolved into expert video creators, and it’s paying off. With nearly 30,000 YouTube subs, The Underwear Expert curated a lusty audience of folks who love undies.

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In a recent video, the adorable DanielXMiller hit up a kickball field to ask some hunky gay players whether they prefer boxers or briefs. The video is part of a series entitled “Boxers or Briefs?” And it’s proved to be extremely entertaining.

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According to the video’s description, they “found some of the hottest, shirtless kickball players from team Totes Masc in Los Angeles to answer Boxers or Briefs …” While we wish these jocks rocked jockstraps, we’re definitely not complaining about their answers. Watch the video below and take our poll at the bottom of this article!

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