Garrett Clayton Dishes on Disney and Brent Corrigan

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“The [ steamy Slater love scene] is kind of crazy,” he explains. “Sometimes I’d have to, like, take a deep breath and just be like, ‘It’s ok. It’s just a role.’ Because it’s a very intense movie, and there’s a lot of intense moments.”

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When it was first announced that Clayton would portray Sean Lockhart, the real Sean responded to the whole fiasco.

He wrote on Facbeook: The internet has been a buzz regarding some recent news that a movie is being filmed right now in New York State chronicling the Bryan Kocis murder and the early days of my adult career. I was originally approached to be a part of the film as a consultant and the cast. I was asked to play a small part in the film and declined the role. Ultimately, I chose to move forward with my own plans to finally release my book in place of taking part in someone elses presentation of events that I personally lived as a young adult.”

“I haven’t spoken to [Lockhart] at all,” Clayton told OUT. “Actually when I first got the part, I asked if I could meet him and talk to him to try to see his mannerisms and know more about his life. But Justin [Justin Kelly] wanted it to be more separate, because he didn’t want people to watch it and then get sucked into what I was trying to be. He wanted it to be more movie-esque and more character, as opposed to trying to imitate him. I think to keep it separate is also a little bit out of respect, because it’s such a touchy situation.”

When asked how he researched the role, Clayton replied, “I tried to find the relatability. I tried to find any similarity in that coming from a small town and going into such a big environment and a big city. That was my door into it, I guess, because I’m from Michigan. We’re both from small areas where we found who we were, and I think that was my way of getting into the role.

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In regards to gay love gaining commercial appeal: “I just think we’re in a really cool lucky time where there are films like this that are able to be made, and it’s not just some small indie market. It’s actually a time where it’s commercial. I think Christian is brilliant in this film, and ten years ago, it wouldn’t have been able to be made.”

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