Feel the Bern with These #HotBoysForBernie Thirst Traps

Feel the Bern with These #HotBoysForBernie Thirst Traps

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Have you seen these #HotBoysForBernie?

Is there anything hotter than using your voice to inspire political change? What about using your body? #HotBoysForBernie has a bone to pick with the administration, and they’re doing it with thirst traps and mirror selfies.

If the 2016 campaign was all about feeling the Bern, 2020 is suddenly all about feeling the thirst. Somewhere, hidden beneath many layers of irony there’s a message of political empowerment, and darn it if we can’t get behind that.

It all started with the hashtag, #HotGirlsForBernie where Twitter user @HotGirls4Bernie proclaimed that all Sanders supporters are hot and encouraged all guys to join the movement.

Another user was inspired to start a #HotFolxForBernie, and you just can’t hate that enby representation now can you?


Add this to our “you can’t make this stuff up” pile, filed under “too 2020 to function.” So, without further ado … bring back my boys.

Feel the Bern with These #HotBoysForBernie Thirst Traps
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