Ellen's Model 'Raul' Is Actually Instahunk Dylan Bradley

Ellen’s Model ‘Raul’ Is Actually Instahunk Dylan Bradley


After watching Ellen DeGeneres force her model “Raul” to strip, we started searching for his secret identity. DeGeneres often uses pet names for her models, which makes it nearly impossible to follow them on Instagram or stalk them on Facebook.

Thankfully, one of our readers, Josh from Round Rock, Texas, for discovered Raul’s true name and shared it on our Facebook page. So, his name isn’t Raul; it’s Dylan Bradley.

After scanning his Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts, we learned that Bradley lives in Los Angeles, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Rice University, shares his life with a Vizsla (a dog breed originating from Hungary), and likes riding bareback.

Beyond that, he’s a mystery, but here are a few photos from his Instagram.


In honor of hump day, I present my right nipple! Please enjoy responsibly. ? @travislanephoto

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Ellen’s Model ‘Raul’ Is Actually Instahunk Dylan Bradley
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