Diplo Allegedly Came Out and Told His Fans He ‘Might Be Gay’

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Diplo allegedly came out as gay in a series of Instagram posts.

During an in-flight emergency on his private plane, the 40-year-old DJ took to Instagram to tell his 5.5 million followers he “might be gay.” The aircraft suffered a cracked windshield.

“Dear Colombus and Minneapolis, my jet window just cracked open, and the pilots are wearing masks so not sure ill make my shows tonight,” he wrote, before continuing: “Also I never told you this, but I might be gay.”

He later updated the post to inform his fans know he was safe, writing: “We landed and no one died I still might be gay, but I’m definitely not going to tye die any more jets.”

Some think the remark was a reference to the famous turbulence scene in the film Almost Famous, where a character declares “I’m gay!” as they believe the plane is about to crash.

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Given Diplo’s history of support for the LGBTQ community, we’d like to believe he wouldn’t make a joke about coming out.

It’s not the first time he’s discussed his sexuality. In 2016, he tweeted he was “half gay” — which some fans thought meant he’s bisexual – and when someone questioned his sexuality earlier this year, he frankly answered: “Masculinity is a prison.”

Diplo recently made headlines when he got intimate with Brazilian drag queen Pablo Vittar in her music video “Então Vai”.

Diplo Allegedly Came Out and Told His Fans He ‘Might Be Gay’
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