Did Alison Brie Just Come Out as Bisexual?

Did Alison Brie Just Come Out as Bisexual?

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Alison Brie comes out as bisexual after making a comment about a fan wanting a threesome. Yes, you read that correctly.

Community star Alison Brie is currently doing promotion for her new film Somebody I Used To Know alongside the director (AKA her husband James Franco). The Amazon Prime Video movie follows a workaholic TV producer named Ally. On her trip back to her hometown, Ally reunites with her old flame, Sean, days before he is getting married.

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Alison Brie Appears to Come Out as Bisexual

Brie and Franco sat down with Buzzfeed to do their viral video challenge and read thirst tweets written by fans about them. While the entire video is hilarious and sweet, many viewers (us included) can’t get over Brie’s reply to this tweet.

“Listen I am bisexual for a reason and that reason is strictly to be used in a threesome by dave franco and alison brie.”

We totally understand where the writer is coming from, and so does Brie! The actress seemed delighted about the sentiment and agreed.

“That’s also why I’m bisexual,” she cheekily responded.

“You’ve been waiting for this tweet, from someone who you don’t know who they are or what they look like?” Franco asked her.

“Yeah,” she replied.

Obviously, the entire interaction blew up on Twitter and has the LGBTQIA+ community in shambles.

While Brie has not labeled her sexuality in the past, many users are pointing out that this is not the first time she has spoken about being queer. Meanwhile, some users are wondering if her comment was simply a joke and not her confirming her sexuality. Considering she has been open about her relationship with women before, it’s likely Brie was being honest.

Watch the video to see Brie explain to Franco the word “bussy” and to question why so many fans are calling them mommy and daddy. For us, the answer is pretty obvious.

Did Alison Brie Just Come Out as Bisexual?
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