Cleaning Out Could Prevent HIV

Photo: Inflorais

According to researchers, there is a mystical “rectal microbicide” that can be used in conjunction with other prophylactics to help prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. First PrEP and now this? Your backside is about to be more protected that Fort Knox.

How do you use this magic microbicide? It comes in gel form and you use it while cleaning out — as if that weren’t fun enough already. Woohoo! Researchers recommend that you still use protection and don’t refer to the gel as fail safe. It’s simply a “new option for HIV prevention.”

According to University of California assistant medicine professor “little is known about rectal douching practices among men who have sex with men and trans women and the damage such practices may cause.”

While enemas are useful for feeling cleaner, there are risks. As they can cause trauma to the rectum, anal sex after douching could actually increase the risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Brown added that during the study they ‘found that men who douched … did it primarily for hygiene and pleasure.” He believes that because many men clean out, it’s a great vehicle to prevent HIV.

If you clean out regularly, remember there are some best practices to follow:

  • Grease the runway.
  • Insert carefully (don’t hurt your hole).
  • Make sure to get all the water out.

We don’t know about you butt we can’t wait to try it!

H/T: Gay Star News

Photo by Inflorais.

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