Celebrities Who Have Came Out as Queer in 2024 (So Far)

2024 has been a landmark year in LGBTQ+ representation, with a stunning array of celebrities coming out. These inspiring disclosures across entertainment, sports, and public life have boosted visibility, shattered stereotypes, and expanded societal acceptance.

Here’s a look at some of the trailblazers who’ve stepped into the light this year, showcasing the power of living authentically.

Actors Lighting the Way

Bethany Antonia

Credit: Instagram/@bethanyantonia

Bethany Antonia, known for playing Baela Targaryen in House of the Dragon, was responding to racist trolls online when she decided to open up about her sexuality.

“Wait till they find out I’m gay too.”

Parvati Shallow

Credit: Instagram/@pshallow

Parvati Shallow, famed Survivor contestant, rang in the New Year by publicly coming out and announcing her relationship with comedian Mae Martin. The couple shared their joy through a charming photo booth strip and a lively beachside Ferris wheel video, both embracing the caption: “We’re here. We’re queer. Happy new year.”

Tom Hollander

The versatile actor described his sexuality as “sufficiently liberal,” sparking discussions on sexual fluidity and personal identity.

“My own sexuality is sufficiently liberal to have encompassed many different experiences, which are not anyone’s business.”

Zoe Lister-Jones

Best known for her roles in Life in Pieces and Confirmation, Zoe took a significant step by openly identifying as queer.

“I’m here, I’m queer, I have some fear but I’m working through it.”

She arrived at the Spirit Awards in February with her partner, filmmaker Sammi Cohen.

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush, famed for her role on One Tree Hill, openly shares her queer identity and her relationship with soccer star Ashlyn Harris in Glamour. At 41, Bush describes feeling a profound sense of freedom and joy, marking a fresh start and a new chapter in her life.

Musicians Making Waves

Reneé Rapp

Star Reneé Rapp made a bold statement on Saturday Night Live, proudly announcing she’s lesbian, after previously identifying as bisexual. This revelation sparked immense support from fans and a candid discussion about embracing one’s true self in the face of skepticism and challenges.

However, Reneé does not care about what the haters have to say. “If I say I’m a lesbian, I am a lesbian,” she tweeted, adding a sprinkle of sass to ward off the doubters, “I’ve had enough of you witches.”

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Matt Terry

Credit: Instagram/@mattterry

This singer proudly declared his LGBTQIA+ identity, adding a vibrant note to the symphony of queer voices in the music industry.

Athletes and Public Figures Standing Proud

Amanda Tori Meating

Credit: Instagram/@amandatorimeating

This charismatic star from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 came out as a trans woman, becoming a beacon of hope for the transgender community.

“[I was] in this environment for the first time where everyone’s calling me Amanda and not my government name, and realizing how good that felt, and I started to feel a bit more comfortable in the reformation of my identity.”

Madame LaQueer

Also from RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 4), she embraced her identity as a trans woman, using her platform to champion transgender visibility. She now goes by the name Cassie when outside of drag.

“It’s something I’ve been pondering for myself for years,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s now or never…It’s never too late to come out and live your true experience and be yourself and be authentic. There’s nothing like feeling loved in your own skin.”

Colin Grafton

Credit: Instagram/@colin_grafton

Known for his graceful moves on Dancing On Ice, Colin skated into the spotlight of queer representation by coming out as gay.

Erika Casupana

Credit: Instagram/@Erika_cas

Erika Casupanan, the first Filipino Canadian Survivor winner, came out as a lesbian in a playful Instagram video. Fans and the LGBTQ+ community celebrated her, marking another first in her trailblazing journey. Fellow contestants and fans expressed joy and support for her revelation.

Grace Wilson

This Australian soccer powerhouse came out as non-binary, challenging traditional gender norms in sports. They became the first A-League soccer player in the country to come out as nonbinary. “It simply just means that my gender, and my perception of gender doesn’t fit into the Western standards of man or woman. And so, for me, personally, I don’t really feel like I’m anywhere near that.”

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Celebrities Who Have Came Out as Queer in 2024 (So Far)
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