Netflix Unveils First Teaser for ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Final Season

Viktor Hargreeves is back!

The Umbrella Academy is back for its fourth and final season, and the Hargreeves siblings have never been less powerful. Netflix dropped the first teaser on Wednesday, giving fans a sneak peek into the chaos and excitement awaiting their favorite dysfunctional family.


A World in Change

The teaser kicks off with a booming voice declaring, “Our world is changing, has changed.” Quick glimpses of the Hargreeves Home for Wayward Boys and a bustling subway station flash by before the camera settles on Elliot Page’s Viktor taking a call at a bar. The voice continues, “Gifted with abilities far beyond the ordinary,” as familiar faces like Number Five, Luther, and the rest of the crew come into view.

“I give you the inaugural class of The Umbrella Academy,” the voice proclaims as the team begrudgingly gathers for a group photo. The trailer then dives into various perilous scenarios, showcasing the siblings back in action.

A Journey Through Time

The showrunner, Steve Blackman, has promised “madness and chaos” in this final season. Since its debut in 2019, The Umbrella Academy has taken viewers on a wild ride. The first season saw the superpowered siblings reunite for their adoptive father’s funeral and attempt to stop the apocalypse. In 2020, season two scattered the siblings across the early 1960s, where they worked to prevent John F. Kennedy’s assassination. By 2022, season three brought them back to the present day, but facing off against the Sparrow Academy in an alternate timeline.


New Faces and Challenges

Fans can also look forward to some fresh faces. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally join the cast as married professors. Blackman teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the timeline issues from season three will have significant repercussions. “Fans may remember that at the end of season 3, Hargreeves wasn’t able to finish programming the Universe Machine, and Allison still pressed the button anyway,” he said. “So we’re definitely in an altered version of our now. We’re back to the period they’ve always wanted to return to! At least they start in the right year, but we know that something isn’t right.”

Stripped of Powers

One of the final season’s most intriguing aspects is the Hargreeves siblings losing their powers. “What does that do to you? As an individual, what is the family dynamic when suddenly they find themselves normal?” Blackman pondered. “I think it’s a challenge for all of them. What might’ve brought them together initially is that, as a dysfunctional family, they found some connection in their abilities. With those superpowers stripped away, who are they as a family?”

The final season of The Umbrella Academy premieres on Netflix on Aug. 8. Watch the full teaser above and prepare for one last adventure with the Hargreeves siblings.

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Netflix Unveils First Teaser for ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Final Season
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