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11 Celebrities That Denounced Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill


The bill passed the Flordia Senate 22-17.

Queer people everywhere have looked on in horror as a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ bills has swept the nation. This includes the countless anti-trans bills targeting not only trans kids’ access to sport but also access to gender-affirming care. It also includes school policy bills like the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida and a similar bill in Georgia. Bills such as these aim to restrict “discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity” in primary grade levels. Here is what celebrities have to say about “Don’t Say Gay.”

Celebrities Denouncing Don’t Say Gay

Hollywood’s response to the current debacle in Florida has been a major topic of discussion, particularly if you include Disney. Their fumbled response is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the public response to this bill. Also among the responders are the many Hollywood celebs that have spoken out against this bill. Evidently, one of the most common reactions, from the likes of Rosanna Arquette and Mark Ruffalo, has been to say “gay” many times over.

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Meanwhile, Mark Hamill’s response even attracted the attention of the likes of Ben Shapiro and…the people of Germany? While it’s not entirely clear what happened there, it doesn’t sound good at all.

A Backward Law

Also among the celebrity detractors are the likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Sean Astin who spoke out against the specifics of the bill. “The Florida legislature passed a bad, backwards law with the goal to be cruel & to silence,” said Miranda on Twitter. “We’ll challenge the law & support elected officials who fought against this bill.”

Shawn Mendes also took to Twitter the day of the Senate floor debate telling folks to call their senators. However, we know how that particular debate turned out.

Amplifying Action

Furthermore, Ariana Grande spoke out against the bill in her stories, calling it “really disgusting,” next to a post by Equality Florida reporting on the bill. She also shared a post today from American lawyer and trans rights activist, Chase Strangio. In the post, Strangio pointed to a “national movement aimed at disappearing trans people.” Moreover, Strangio called on his followers to support trans organizers in Texas, Alabama, and Idaho.


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Other stars have also used their platform to amplify the voices of others. Markedly, director and producer Judd Apatow has been amplifying criticism of Disney as the story developed.

LGBTQ+ Celebrities Denouncing Don’t Say Gay

Meanwhile, queer celebrities have been fairly united in their response to the bill. Some of the detractors who have emphatically denounced the bill include Sara Ramirez, George Takei, and Johnny Weir.

Despite this, and all the other voices speaking out against this hateful bill, it seems likely to become law when it reaches DeSantis’ desk. Nevertheless, we must continue to speak out about this and the other harmful bills currently being pushed through state legislatures.

11 Celebrities That Denounced Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill
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